Vol 26, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents

High-Quality Teaching: Providing for Rural Teachers’ Professional Development PDF
Aimee Howley, Craig B. Howley

Research Articles

Building Capacity for Continuous Improvement of Math and Science Education in Rural Schools PDF
Roy E. Blanton, Hobart L. Harmon
Improved Professional Development Through Teacher Leadership PDF
Wesley D. Hickey, Sandra Harris
Lesson Study: A Professional Development Model for Mathematics Reform PDF
Ann R. Taylor, Shari Anderson, Karen Meyer, Mary Kay Wagner, Christine West
Rural Teachers in Project Launch PDF
Mary M. Harris, Linda Holdman, Robin Clark, T. Robert Harris
School Council Member Perceptions and Actual Practice of School Councils in Rural Schools PDF
Thomas Pharis, Randall V. Bass, James L. Pate

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