Rural Educator Policy Brief: AASA Transistion Memo to President Trump

Devon Brenner


Editor’s Note: In this third Rural Education Policy Brief, we share the Transition Memo originally published by AASA: The School Superintendents Association. The National Rural Education Association partners with AASA and other state and national organizations to advocate for rural education through the National Rural Education Advocacy Coalition. The NREAC monitors federal policy and lobbies about issues that impact rural schools. Each spring, the NREAC develops a legislative agenda. Readers can learn more about the NREAC at their website: On January 10, 2017, AASA released its Transition Memo to President Trump and his administration, summarizing key issues and steps the administration can take to support public education. Because the Transition Memo succinctly addresses several national policy issues of particular relevance to rural educators, the AASA Transition Memo is reprinted here, in its entirety.

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