Rural Teachers’ Literacy Practices In and Out of the Classroom: Exploring Teacher Characteristics and Literacy Tools

Kara L. Lycke, Ellis Hurd, Terry Husband


Scholars who recognize the socially constructed nature of literacy acknowledge that important literacy processes take place across settings both in and out of school. Most of what is known about these trans-literacy practices relates to students, but little is known about the literacy practices of teachers in and outside of school. This study examines through survey research the in- and out-of-school literacy practices of teachers in a rural K-12 school district. The findings of the study suggest that for early career teachers, their out-of-school literacy practices are more deliberately connected to their literacy practices in school than for mid- and later-career teachers. This study calls for more descriptive research on the relationships between teachers’ literacy practices and use of literacy tools outside of school, and their literacy practices and pedagogical approaches to literacy in school.


literacy; teacher literacy practices; literacy contexts; rural literacy; out-of-school literacy

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